TFV8 Baby Beast

TVF8 Baby, which size is 1/3 smaller than the Cloud Beast - TFV8, takes V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core (Pre-installed), V8 Baby - T8 Octuple Core, V8 Baby - X4 Quad Core, V8 Baby RBA and more is coming. Meanwhile, its airflow system: the bottom pair airslots, the air chamber, the drip tip, are redesigned after precise calculations and optimizations. All those efforts ensure that TFV8 Baby Beast is another Cloud Beast.

How to Fill

1. Hold the tank with one hand, and use another one to press the top cap and move it clockwise.

2. Add e-liquid through the slot, and pay attention not to drip into the central airflow.

3. Close the cap carefully and firmly. Then let it stand for several minutes to get the cotton completely saturated.

Replacing Atomizer

1. Screw off the drip tip and top cap off the the tank; then unscrew the atomizer off the base, and replace it with the new atomizer.

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