Why won't my battery hold a charge?

If your battery is not holding a charge, check to make sure your battery is clean. If your battery is dirty, use a paper towel or napkin to clean it thoroughly.

If you are not comfortable cleaning it yourself, you are welcome to bring your product to our store. We are more than happy to do it for you.

A dirty battery can prevent the battery from getting a proper charge, making it more difficult to draw from.

If the battery inconstancy continues you may have a defective charger. Try testing your charger with another battery not experiencing the same issue. 

In the event that your S.S. Vape electronic cigarette device fails to operate satisfactorily...

Call S.S. Vape Customer Support (877-505-0896) so that we may troubleshoot the issue and authorize your item for warranty replacement if necessary. Please provide the S.S. Vape representative a detailed explanation of the difficulty you are experiencing with the device and/or its components. All of this information is required to process your return request. It is also helpful to have your original order number on hand.

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