Efest LUV V6

LUC V6, is a high end intelligent charger, display interface inherited LUC series design. Large LCD screen displays battery voltage and charging mode of each slot. 6 slots work independently, good safety performance with reverse polarity, short circuit, over current protection and zero voltage activation function. Focuses on safely working and humanized operation, and allows the users to operate V6 at ease and convenience. V6 can charge 6 different types of 3.6/3.7V lithium batteries.


  • AC Input Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • AC Output Power: DC 12V 2A
  • DC Input Power: DC 12V 2A
  • .68A CC Curent: 680mA 
  • 2.0A CC Current: 2000mA
  • Auto Cut-Off Current: 2000mA
  • CV Cut-Off Current: 4.2V
  • Standby Current: <10% max current
  • Standby Current: <20mA
  • Activation Current: 10mA~50mA
  • USB Output Floating Voltage: 5.0-5.5V
  • Output Floating Voltage Ripple: <120mA
  • USB Output Floating Current: <5mA
  • Maximum Output Current: 1A
  • Battery Output Cut-Off Voltage: 3.00
  • Auto Recharge Voltage: 4.10
  • Operation Temperature: 32 - 104 F
  • Storage Temperature: -40 - 158 F


  • Charging mode: Press the Multifunction button to select charging current .68A or 2.0A.
  • USB Output Mode: Insert a fully charged battery to Slot 3, connect the device to V6 with USB cable, press the Multifunction  button for over 1 second, then it starts to charge your device. The USB function will be closed automatically in 15 seconds without connecting. It is a DC 5V 1A USB interface, compatible with most consumer electronics.
  • Low Power Alarm: During USB output, the battery symbol in the LCD screen will be flashing while power lower than 15%, and it means the battery needs to be charged.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: When V6 is in standby mode, it will not cause damage tot he charger itself by negative & positive short circuit, cross short circuit, or battery short circuit itself.
  • Activation Function: Insert the low voltage battery (<2.9V) to the charging slot while V6 in standby mode, then the trickle charging function starts to work. Due to the battery capacity, over-discharging frequency & level different, the activation time will vary widely. When the activation completed, continue to charge the battery to full.
  • Over Charging Protection & Auto-Detect Charging Function: V6 will stop working when the battery is fully charged, and it will restart charging the batteries automatically when voltage is lower than 4.0V caused by not being taken out or other factors. If a battery is less than 4.18V inserted, V6 will recharge it.
  • Night Energy Saving Mode: Press the Multifunction button about 2 seconds to turn off the screen light (still in charging condition), and one more press to turn it on.

Operation Instructions:

Once connected to an external power source, V6 begins to self-detect. It goes to default .68A mode when self-detect completed, and it's standby for charging.

Please choose the suitable charging mode per battery, then correctly insert to slot, and V6 starts to work in second. The battery symbol shows in dynamic status during charging, and it will be static when fully charged (4.2V), also V6 stops charging at the same time.

USB Output Function:

Correctly insert the full charged battery to slot 3, connect the device to V6 with USB cable, the battery symbol shows in dynamic status and it means your device is being charged. Unplug USB cable and take out battery when charging is completed.

Battery voltage drops during discharge, and it will alarm in flashing when power down to 15%.


  1. Please check battery specification before charging. Check to verify it can work with V6. Or it will cause danger if not matched.
  2. Do not use V6 under inflammable or explosive environment.
  3. Please use V6 in a dry environment.
  4. Please take out battery and unplug adapter or car charger while V6 is not in use.
  5. Keep V6 out of reach of children.
  6. If the battery symbol is flashing during USB discharging, it means the battery needs to charged. 
  7. USB output function will be unavailable if V6 is charging battery.
  8. Please be sure the voltage range of the device matches the V6 under USB output mode.
  9. 2A charging mode only works in slot 3 & 4, meanwhile slots 1,2,5,6 cannot be used at that time.
  10. Please clean V6 regularly, and maintain the cleanness of the positive and negative contact to prevent foreign objects attached above and lead to poor contact.
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