Victory 50TC

Thank you for choosing VICTORY! Before starting to use your VICTORY electronic cigarette, please read this carefully to ensure that you understand the right way to use it. For any additional information on the products, please contact us or visit our website at

How To Use

Power On/Off: Open the battery magnetic cover and install (1) 18650 battery into the body. Press the fire button 5 times continuously in 2 seconds to turn the device on or off. (Note: It is recommended to use a high-rate 18650 battery, for example S.S. Vape 18650 35 amp). After power on, the device will auto sleep without any operation for 30 seconds. It will automatically turn off without any operation for 30 minutes.

Vaping: Press the fire button for inhaling. Device's protection will activate after 10 seconds of continous use.

Operating Mode Switch: Press the fire button 4 times continously in 2 seconds to switch the left and right hand operating mode after power on.

Switch Between VW/ VT-Ti/ VT-Ni/ By Pass Mode: Continuously press the fire button 3 times to switch between VW, VT-Ti, VT-Ni, and By Pass modes. (Note: Only the Ni200/Ti atomizer can keep working in VT mode. If using standard atomizer in TC mode, it will automatically switch to VW mode when vaping.)

  • VW Mode - Press "+" or "-" for adjustment between 7-50W. 0.1W for each adjustment. Keep pressing "+" or "-" to adjust wattage rapidly.
  • VT-Ti and VT-Ni Mode - Press "+" or "-" for adjustment between 200 F and 600 F. 10 F for each adjustment. Keep pressing "+" or "-" to adjust temperature rapidly. In the VT mode, it can adjust the heating rate through wattage adjustment. First switch to VW mode and adjust to the wattage you desire, such as 40W. Then, switch back to VT mode and adjust to the temperature you desire, device will heat the coil at 40W wattage power while maintaining the desired temperature.
  • Bypass Mode - Bypass mode is a direct output mode of voltage. This mode can only be used when the atomizer resistance is between .2 and .4 ohm. Maximum wattage is 50W.

Lock/Unlock: Press "+" and "-" at the same time for 2 seconds to lock or unlock the adjustment of wattage/temperature. It can work but the wattage/temperature can not be adjusted when locked.

Multifunction and Protection

  1. 10+ Second Protection: When the fire button is pressed for over 10 seconds, the device will stop working and will display OVER TIME PROTECT.
  2. Short Circuit Protection: When a short circuit occurs or coil resistance is lower than .18 ohm (lower than .08 ohm for Ni200/Ti), the device will stop working and display SHORTED.
  3. Anti-Overheating Protection: When the temperature of PCBA is higher than 176 F, the device will stop working and display TOO HOT PROTECT.
  4. Low Voltage Protection: When the voltage is lower than 3.1V, the device will stop working and display BATTERY LOW VOL.
  5. No Load Indication: If you press the fire button without installing atomizer, the device will display CHECK ATOMIZER.
  6. Memory Function: Device can remember the temperature, wattage and operating mode of last time the device was used.
  7. Dry Burning-Resistant Protection: If there is no liquid in the atomizer, the screen will show warning when you press the fire button. This protection can only use for Ti and Ni200 coils.
  8. The Ohm Meter Detection Function: The screen will remind to choose new/old atomizer. Press "+" to choose new atomizer and then the device will detect atomizer type automatically. Press "-" to choose old atomizer, device will recognize the atomizer resistance of last time. 

NOTE: After confirming the old/new atomizer, the device will maintain the current mode. It will switch to VW mode if connected with regular atomizer under VT mode.


  1. VICTORY 50TC is not suitable for the people under 18 years old. Please talk to your doctor if you have heart disease, high blood pressure or you are pregnant, and/or breastfeeding.
  2. If the device stops working or has any problem, don't open device by yourself. Please contact the authorized dealer for more information and assistance.
  3. Keep device away from heat, fire, and water.
  4. Power off and remove battery if the device will not be used.
  5. Atomizer head must not be "Dry Burned", ensure the atomizer head soak with e-liquid before vaping. For new atomizer head, fill the e-liquid into the tank and wait for 30 seconds for the cotton to saturate with e-liquid before working.
  6. VICTORY 50TC is best when paired with other VICTORY products. If you need to replace the atomizer and battery by other brand name, please choose according to the parameters of our specifications.
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