Victory 165TC


  • First wireless charging box mod on the market.
  • Wireless charging convient to charge, wireless charging current up to 800 mah.
  • Built-in 4000 mah high performance polymer battery.
  • Minimal temperature rise at high wattage.


  • .1 to 1.0 ohm for temperature mode, .16 to 2.0 ohm for VW mode.
  • Adjust wattage from 1W to 165W, adjust temperature from 200 F to 600 F.
  • USB Port: 5 V - Max, 1000 mah - Max
  • Wireless charge: 5 V - Max, 800 mah - Max

OLED Display:

  • Power On: Display will read "VICTORY". Enter standby mode in 1S, display will show battery capacity, resistance, temperature, wattage setting will show last data before last power off.
  • Atomizer Installation: After fitting a new atomizer, press fire button; "NEW COIL UP, SAME DOWN" will appear on the display. Press + or - to confirm. Press fire button for 3 seconds; TC atomizer will enter Temp Mode, Kanthal atomizer will enter VW Mode.
  • New or old coil distinction: For the best results, always remove atomizer at room temperature. If you replace the coil, select "NEW COIL". If same coil is being used, select "SAME COIL".
  • Vaping Mode Switch: On Temp Control Mode, you can adjust temperature by pressing + or - . Holding + and - will switch to Wattage Mode. Pressing the fire button when Temperature Control coil is installed will switch back to Temperature Control mode. Pressing + or - will adjust wattage in VW Mode.
  • Short Circuit: When battery detects a short in the atomizer, SHORTED will display on the screen. Battery will enter main menu after 2 sec.
  • Atomizer Check Display: If atomizer ohms is too high, OHMS TOO HIGH will display. When the ohms are low, OHMS TOO LOW will display on screen.
  • High Temperature Protection: If screen displays TOO HOT, PCB temperature is too high. Unit will enter main menu when PCB temperature drops.
  • Low Battery Indicator: When battery level is below 5 V, screen will display CHECK BATTERY. Please place unit on charger right away.
  • Lock and Unlock: Press the fire button 5 times within 1.5s. The screen will display LOCKED CLICK 5X. This disables all buttons. Press fire button 5 times within 1.5s to unlock device.
  • On/Off Function: Press fire button 5 times within 3s to turn device on. Press fire button and + within 3s to turn device off.
  • Auto Off: If no button is pressed for 30s, the device will enter a Standby Mode. If no button is pressed within 60 minutes, the device will power itself off.

Atomizer Installation

  • Screw the bottom of the tank into the 510 connection on the top of the device, then press the fire button to vape. 

NOTE: When connecting the atomizer, please be aware of the location of the air holes.

Wireless Charge

  • Simply place device on charge plate for wireless charging.
  • Status light on plate will display on device will indicate charging status.


  • Please be sure that the air hole at the top of the device is not blocked before use.
  • Please be sure the PCB vent holes are not covered before use. This will help prevent PCB overheating during use.
  • Please do not place the device in high temperature or humid environment, otherwise the life span may be shortened.


Click the link below to download a copy of the User Manual for the Victory 165TC

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