KBox 70W


Output Power: 7 - 70W

Output Voltage: 9V (max)

Micro USB charge port, input voltage DC 5V

Charge Current: 1A

Battery Cell: 3.7V Lithium battery, 18650 discharge over 30A, 4000 mah.

Resistance: Ni200, Ti - .15 - 1.3 ohm, Nichrome - .3+ ohm (above 1.15 ohm, power cannot drive to 70W)

Temperature Control: 200 F to 600 F


Suggested Setting Procedure:

Press fire button 3 times to choose your resistance wire, Ni200 or Ti for pure wattage output, corresponding to your tank.

For pure Ni 200 or Ti wire in temperature mode set your desire coil temperature to fit your taste.

For full power output mode using Nichrome wire, set your desire working wattage which best fit you.

Choose the best LCD display orientation.

You may fine tune your preset value to whatever you want.

Remember to lock the up/down buttons once you have chosen your settings by pressing the entire button together.

In case you change the coil, you need to calibrate the KBOX 70 as LCD will display "Yes+/No-". 


Do not charge the battery outdoors and keep away from water.

Do not use this device for anything other than vaping.

Do not try to disassemble the device or else the warranty will be voided.

Keep all components away from children and pets.

This product is intended for use by adults and not by children, women who are pregnant or people with a disease or illness that may be affected or made worst by this product.


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