LUC Blu6 OLED Charger

Operating Instructions

  1. Connecting Power: AC 110/220V power supply, it runs a 3 second self-test after power-on, then in cycle display mode and ready to work.
  2. Inserting Battery: Insert the battery to the corresponding slot for charging. The spring end is negative pole, ensure the positive and negative ends correctly correspond on the charger. Do not insert any non-rechargeable or defective batteries to avoid the danger.

Note: Voltage range is 1.8-4.2V for lithium batteries, and the Blu6 charger can activate batteries under the over-discharged protection state, lowest at 1.8V

  3. Selecting Charging Current: .5A is the default start charging current. Press a slot button which in charging mode, the OLED screen shows the selected slot charging status, then press multifunction button to change the charging current. This feature is only applicable to the constant current charging status, and the Blu6 will automatically adjust the current for constant voltage charging status.

Note: Slot 2 to Slot 5 block 2A option automatically.

(Slot 1 & Slot 6 charging options: .5A/1A/2A)

(Slot 2 to Slot 5 charging options: .5A/1A)

  4. Full Load Charging Lock: When total charging current at 4.0A, the Blu6 will enter into full load charging lockdown mode, meanwhile close the "selecting charging current" function and the unused slot. When one of the being charged batteries is full or taking out one, the mode will be unlocked.

  5. Bluetooth App Function: Set up the "Efest App" to your phone to remote switch the screen, control and monitor charging status. Also the App can record the charging voltage curve, and provide the link to view Efest official website.  


  • 6 charging slots, compatible with all types of rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Each slot has an independent monitoring and selecting charging current function.
  • With OLED screen to display the charging process clearly from any angle.
  • Night energy-saving mode.
  • Three optional charging modes, the single slot maximum charging current at 2A, the maximum total charging current at 4A.

Note: Slot 1 and Slot 6 can charge at 2A maximum for 2 pieces 26500/ 26650 batteries. Slot 2 to Slot 5 can charge at 1A for 4 pieces 10440/ 14500/ 14650/ 16340/ 16650/ 17650/ 17670/ 17350/ 18490/ 18500/ 18650.

  • Over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Integrated Bluetooth communication module, support for smart-phone remote control.

Structure Instruction


  1. OLED Screen: to display charging status of each slot.
  2. Multifunction Button: to turn on/off the OLED screen light, to display the Blu6's serial number, to choose the charging current with selecting slot button.
  3. Selecting Slot Button: the OLED will display the charging status of the selected slot with a press. Each slot with a built-in LED indicator, "FULL" is long on, "CHARGING" is slow flashing, and "NOT WORKING" is off.
  4. Battery Slot: Capable of charging 6 batteries at the same time, adjusting the spring to insert different size batteries.

OLED Screen Instruction

  1. Screen Display: Display the charging status of each slot cyclically, and each slot keeps showing in 3 seconds.
  2. Selecting Display Mode: Press a slot button when the screen is in cycle display mode, and it will switch to show the selected slot immediately and keeps in 5 seconds, then back to cycle display mode.
  3. Night Energy-Saving Mode: Press the multifunction button to turn off the screen light (still on charging condition) when it is in cycle display mode, press again to turn it  on and back in cycle display mode.
  4. Charger ID Display Mode: Press the multifunction button for 5 seconds to show the Blu6's serial number when it is in cycle display mode. Connect your phone with the charger via this ID.

Efest LUC Blu6 Charger's App Manual

  1. Installation: Download the Blu6 charger's App installation package to your phone from, or scan the QR code from the charger's box to install the app to your phone. It requires the phone operating systems to be at or above Android 4.3 or iOs7, support for Bluetooth 4.0. When you install, it will automatically remind you to turn on the Bluetooth control authority, allow and install. After completed, Efest App icon will appear on the phone's desktop.
  2. Run the Bluetooth App: Click the Efest App icon to main page.
  3. Connecting Device: Start Bluetooth, the app will automatically scan the surrounding Bluetooth devices, then select the corresponding serial number and connect to the Blu6. 


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