Smok X Cube II

The Smok X Cube II is a substantial upgrade in all aspects. Beautiful all-metal design with brushed-metal finish, and a bigger OLED display. It looks like an integrated whole. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and a customizable LED that potentially illuminates in up to 16 million colors. 160W maximum output will bring you an unexpected vaping experience. Magnet-held battery cover allows you to replace batteries almost instantly. And there are many more functions waiting for you to discover. 


  • Output Mode: Temp Mode/ Watt Mode/ Memory Mode
  • Output Power: 6W - 160W
  • Output Voltage: .35V - 8V
  • Resistance Range: .06 ohm - 3.0 ohm (Temp Mode), .1 ohm - 3.0 ohm (Watt Mode)
  • Temperature Control Range: 200F - 600F/ 100C - 315C

Temperature Control

With Ni200 alloy atomizer, the SMOK temperature control mod can be adjusted between 200F and 600F (100C and 315C), which can avoid dry-burning, produce smooth airflow and better taste, thus bring you an excellent vaping experience. 

Note: The temperature control feature is optional. 

Safety Protection

  • 12 seconds Cutoff: This mod will automatically shut down the output when the power button is held for longer than 12 seconds.
  • Short Circuit/ Low Resistance Protection: When short circuit occurs or the resistance is too low, the mod will automatically power off.
  • Overheat Protection: When the temperature inside the mod is overheating, the screen will display "COOL DOWN". Then please stop vaping for a while.
  • Low Battery Warning: When the voltage is lower than 6.4V, the screen will display "LOW BATTERY". Please stop vaping and replace the battery.

How to Connect the App with XCube II

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth of your Smartphone is active, and the XCube II is powered on. 
  2. Then press power button 3 times to turn on Bluetooth of XCube II.
  3. The app will now search for the device. You must make the device discoverable in order for it to be located.
  4. Once it has been connected you will be prompted to enter a password, and our initial password is 000000.

How to Modify Bluetooth Pairing Password

  1. Tap the Settings button, and choose to set password.
  2. Type your new password, and retype it.
  3. Tap the button on the upper right corner to complete modification, and from now on you don't have to enter the Bluetooth password each time.

Click the link below to download a copy of the SMOK XCube II User Manual


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