Aspire Nautilus

The Nautilus is the next generation of tank systems. Made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The Nautilus has an exclusive adjustable airflow design that is revolutionary. With a simple turn of the lower ring, you have four options to adjust airflow to meet people’s different requirements for vaping. With the option of different size air-ports, it allows the user to produce big clouds of vapor, with a pure and clean taste. With the unique Nautilus four-port system, you can now adjust how hard or soft the draw is, how warm or cold the vapor is, and how much vapor is produced. The Nautilus is also very easy to install and refill.


  1. Screw the upper hardware to the Pyrex tank (DO NOT over tighten).
  2. Screw the atomizer into the bottom hardware (make sure the atomizer is snugged down hand tight).
  3. Snugly screw the tank hardware to the bottom atomizer hardware (the atomizer screws onto the air-tube shaft in center).
  4. Insert the drip-tip into the upper hardware.

Filling Your Nautilus Tank

  1. Check to make sure the upper stainless steel be screwed tightly onto the glass tank.
  2. Screw the bottom hardware off the upper hardware. When you screw off the bottom hardware, the atomizer should be screwed off the upper hardware at the same time, in case the atomizer is still kept onto the air-tube shaft in center, please screw the atomizer off and screw back onto the bottom hardware in order to avoid disconnecting.
  3. Fill liquid into the space between the glass tank and the center metal tube. DO NOT over fill or get liquid into the center shaft.
  4. Screw the bottom hardware back onto the upper hardware.
  •  Don’t fill the liquid into the central hole.
  • Let the Nautilus stand for 2 minutes before use—this will let e-liquid absorbed into the wick/atomizer chamber.
  • For use with eGo batteries: screw the supplied cone onto the threads, and then install the Nautilus onto the battery.
  • If you experience a burning taste the first couple of puffs, it’s because the liquid has not absorbed into the wick. Give the liquid time to be absorbed and try again

Adjusting Airflow

The Nautilus unique airflow valve features 4 different sizes to control the airflow to the amount you prefer. Rotate the Airflow control valve to the most comfortable one for you. With a simple turn of the lower ring, you have four options to adjust airflow to meet different preferences for vaping.

Cleaning Your Tank

When necessary, clean the components (except the atomizer) by washing with clean water, and air-drying the components.


  • The glass tank should not be impacted, dropped, or mishandled, otherwise the glass tube may be broken, and injury may occur
  • When disassembling, please remove the bottom hardware first, and then screw off the glass tank.
  • Do not fill the Aspire Nautilus over 5ml; when the liquid level is below 0.5ml, should be refilled to avoid a dry wick.
  • If the bottom hardware is hard to be screwed off, please screw the upper hardware with the glass tank tightly and then the bottom hardware will be easy to screw off.
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