Kit to Quit Tank (Disposable Stardust)

The tanks that come with a Kit to Quit are disposable The tanks will last you 2 to 3 weeks. When they go bad there are 3 symptoms

  • It does not work
  • It will taste burnt
  • Develops a leak.

Each tank holds about a pack and quarter of cigarettes worth of liquid. When we fill the tank we are going to fill it to 1.6 mL line.

To fill your tank: Unscrew the drip tip from the top of the tank. Place tank on approximately 45 degree angle and place tip from bottle below center pin in tank. Disburse liquid slowly to avoid liquid backing up at top and going over center hole. Once tank is filled to the line place cap on bottle and replace the drip tip back on tank.

If you do get it in the center hole it will run through the center hole and out the bottom of the tank. If the tank is on the battery, liquid accumulate in the battery head. To fix this:

  • Unscrew the tank from the battery
  • Clean out the battery head with a paper towel
  • Put cap on tank and blow through mouth piece into paper towel.
  • Place tank back on battery.

Screw the drip tip back on and roll the tank slowly for a few minutes so the e-liquid has time to soak into the wicks. Not allowing the clearomizer to sit for a few moments before vaping may result in burning your wick. This will give you a burned taste and is irreversible.

You may find the Disposable Stardust tank HERE

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